Complete professional graphic and information Web site design

Tools for Training offers a complete professional graphic and information 
Web site design plan, from its conception to its publication on the Web, 
making your site accessible to the world.

The creation process

The development process involves accurate and efficient 
planning of your future Web site. Meeting with you, 
discussing your needs, what information will be contained 
on your site and what impression you want to convey is 
an important first step to a successful Web site. 

From designing to publishing

Tools for Training takes care of each step required to bring 
Web site creation to full completion. Once your site's content 
and design is complete, Tools for Training registers and 
houses your domain name and homes your site on a reputed 
Web host (a remote computer) where it is stored and made 
accessible worldwide 24 hours a day.      

Maintenance and updating

Not only is your site accessed anywhere in the world at 
any time of the day, its content, design and architecture 
can be modified, updated or recreated after it has been 
published. Pages, information or photographs can be added 
or removed to assure that an up-to-date version is always 
available. Flexibility is a major power of  Internet publishing, 
allowing your site to always stay in tune. Tools for Training 
offers an update service to ensure the accuracy and timeliness 
of the information viewed by your visitors.  

Working together

A Web site may have a major impact on the popularity and 
accessibility of your organization. Marketing plays a crucial 
role in making your site as noticed and available as possible. 
Together we can conceive and publish a powerful information 
tool and allow your organization to take a step foward into the 
international dimension.  

For more detailed information

For any supplemental information, for upgrade services or to 
get started with you new Web site, please contact us at: